How to Start Becoming a Clicker Trainer

Being a clicker trainer can be achieved through positive reinforcement. Just like other pets, dogs learn better if they are rewarded for their good Scary Maze Game. They should not be punished for their bad behaviors because they will only get worse. If you want to become a clicker trainer, there are some pointers that you need to know first.

Here are some steps for to start become a clicker trainer:

1. Charger your clicker and bring your dog in an enclosed area in your home. The idea is to stay away from too many distractions. You need to focus your dog with the training alone. Hold the clicker with the leash in one hand. The other hand will hold some treats. Suddenly call your pet’s name and immediately after it responded, press the clicker and then give him a treat.

2. After the first attempt, take a break for a while. You can play a game just to make your dog wander around for a few moments before your second attempt of the clicker.

3. Test the clicker again for the second time. While your pet is performing his neutral actions, suddenly press the clicker and see if your dog will respond to the sound. If he turns around and looks at you, it means that he recognizes the sound because of the treat you gave him earlier. Now, you can reward him again and give some of those treats.

4. Give the dog a command. Think of a simple skill that you like to teach your dog. For example, you like to teach him how to sit. Tell him “Sit”. He might not respond immediately after saying this. But just make sure to be consistent. Do not give him yet his treats unless he follows. After he obeys the command, press the clicker and then the treat after that.

5. Teach him other skills like catch, roll, lie down, up, and others. Do the clicker-treat technique for a couple of times.

6. If you think your dog has had enough treats, you can replace it with just the clicker. Now, he can follow your commands with just the sound of the clicker. Press it a few times after each command has obeyed.

7. Remember never to press it unless it really obeyed you. Distract him for a while and play with him, then suddenly give a command. Keep doing that and pressing the clicker each good behavior is made. That will keep the dog obeying you.

8. Be consistent with this. Make sure that the dog enjoys it when you do the training. Don’t be confused when to press the clicker. If you accidentally press it even when the command is not done yet, the dog might not think of the sound as a reward.

9. Praise your dog apart from the clicker each time it obeys you. That is a good trick to become a clicker trainer. You need more praise.

The Clicker Heroes 2  can be an alternative for the treats. You will achieve that after you have succeeded in training your dog how to get familiar with the sound of the clicker. Just follow the above steps to become a clicker trainer.

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